Vincent Vuong


Vincent Vuong is an Advisor in our Montréal office. His experience encompasses a wide range of areas: public policy, governmental operations, parliamentary strategy, and stakeholder engagement.

Vincent holds a master’s degree in Political Science from McMaster University and he has many years of experience working in Québec politics. As a ministerial political advisor, he was part of the team that launched Québec’s Secretariat for English-Speaking Québecers. In addition, he served as a political advisor to a Member of the National Assembly from the Official Opposition and has extensive campaigning experience.

His understanding of public policy and governmental operations combined with his knowledge of parliamentary affairs and issue management allows him to provide practical insight into complex problems.

Vincent held many roles within the Liberal of Québec (LPQ), including as the political coordinator of the youth wing. He currently sits on various committees within the LPQ, including the National Policy Committee.

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