Senior Advisor or Advisor (Clean Energy, Environment and Agriculture) Ottawa

PAA Advisory | Conseils’ clean energy, environment and agriculture team is hiring at the Advisor, or Senior Advisor level to support of government relations work.


Candidates wishing to be considered should have:

  • Advisor: 2-3 years of experience in a corporate, government, industry association, think-tank, or consulting setting relevant to environment policy; or for a Senior Advisor, 4-6 years of experience are required.
  • a high degree of familiarity with the public policy and government decision-making processes, institutions, and governance frameworks, as well as the stakeholder ecosystem relevant to the clean fuel, environment, and agricultural sectors;
  • a basic to intermediate understanding of carbon markets, concepts such as carbon intensity and lifecycle analysis;
  • demonstrated knowledge and experience providing written and/or verbal briefings to organizational leaders;
  • completed an advanced degree in a relevant field such as political science, public policy, environmental science, etc;
  • experience/ capacity in translating technical and scientific information into a format useful for public policy decision making.

As a member of our team, you will be based in Ottawa (presence at our office is required) and responsible for providing day to day support and advice to other Advisors, Client Directors and Managing Directors supporting the firm’s clients in several ways including:

  • monitoring, gathering information and analyzing public policy relevant to a client’s issues;
  • monitoring the activities and proceedings of the House of Commons and Senate, including Question Period and Committees;
  • undertaking research and providing analysis on stakeholder groups, media coverage, government decision makers, regulatory and legislative processes;
  • drafting presentation materials, advocacy documents and communications materials for internal and external audiences;
  • drafting reports, public policy studies and political analysis (in conjunction with your colleagues) that can serve as a foundation for advising clients;
  • providing ongoing, real-time advice and insight to leaders of client organizations and having day-to-day responsibility for managing the government and regulatory affairs needs of clients;
  • engage in advocacy activities – including but not limited to lobbying – focused on Designated Public Office Holders, other public officials, and relevant stakeholders;
  • building and maintaining relationships with relevant decision makers and stakeholders by adding value and substance to their deliberations and maintaining a reputation for personal integrity and trustworthy conduct.

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